101 easy lets you buy barely legal items, items that might be ban soon or items that are ban in some states. We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of purchases in America.

When you’re watching the news or reading something about people enjoying their lives and it’s going to be illegal because they’re having too much fun doing or using it. Hurry to 101easy.com because we would most likely have what you are looking for. It sucks that there’s always a law or a new law going effect that stops people from doing what they want to do because they’re having too much fun. Well we can try to change the law but we’re sure it will take some time, but till then we are going to sell the hell out of it before it becomes illegal.


We are an exclusive online store that offers Collector’s Novelties. We believe in Freedom of Speech , Freedom of Purchase. It’s your hard earned money so spend it how you want.

*All products on this site are not intended to mimic any type of illegal drugs. All Synthetic Cannabinoid Chemicals that are sprayed on herbs are illegal and we here at 101easy will not carry any product with such chemicals.

Note: 101 Easy does NOT carry any items with federal or state ban chemicals. 

 LAB REPORT: Smokeys SmokableXXX Novelties

Check state for the new updated laws: Ban State List

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Attention: We do NOT sell any products to be used for any illegal purposes, or in conjunction with any illegal substances. We do NOT sell any products that contain any “synthetic cannabinoids” or “research chemicals” so if you are looking for such, please don’t expect more. All products on this site are for legal use only. Continuing to view this site, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older, 21 or older in states where 21 is the age of maturity. 

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