Angry Herbs Smokable herbal blend


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Angry Herbs smokable herbal blend

Times are tuff and money is an issue, Angry Herbs are here to the rescue saving you bucks without changing the amount you smoke. Angry herbs have herbs that release enzymes that enhance most herbs that are mixed with.

The mix is a 3 to 1 ratio so you’re looking at taking 1 gram of your herbs and mixing 3 grams of angry herbs. You smoke will smoke smoother, more discreet, and most importantly you save money. You can call Angry Herbs a filler that works! We often turn roaches to a full joint and puff puff pass work it through the whole circle without burning a hole in the pockets. Angry Herbs is designed to work with today’s economic recession, the best thing out there for a weed filler…

Ingredients: Mullein leaf, damiana, turnera diffusa, Indian leaves, African rubrifolious and other spiritual herbs.

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