Scooby Snax herbal incense potpourri blend


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Scooby Snax herbal incense potpourri blend

Pass it around it’s lit and has reached a new high. Scooby Snax is back and with high-quality, high potency aroma and zero cannabinoids. Sit back relax and join Scooby and the gang on their lit journeys to smoke out the bad apples With this hard-hitting and fast-acting herbal incense, a strong smoke odor is a thing of the past, Scooby Snax weed out any smoke odor wherever it may stem. Like the name suggests, Scooby Snax is a treat and the strong herbal aroma will have you raiding your fridge high and low on your next lit mystery to solve, finding something to eat! That’s what I call a case of the munchies and it’s lit! All it takes to get lit like this is a little bit in your bowl. Enjoy.

Attention:┬ámust be 18+ to purchase and we do NOT sell any products to be used for any illegal purposes, or in conjunction with any illegal substances. We do NOT sell any products that contain any “synthetic cannabinoids” or “research chemicals”. Do not burn nor inhale*

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Apple, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Watermelon, YumYum


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