Freedom of purchase

We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of purchase. Afterall, it's your hard earned money.  As far as we are concerned, you should spend it how you want to spend it.

Open: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM mountain standard time

Cheech and Chong

Cherry Cheech gives a great aroma of pure Cherry and Juicy Chong has the strong aroma of Juicy Fruit.

Angry herbs

Have you heard of a "Spliff"? When mixing tobacco and marijuana together to form a joint, you get what they call a spliff. Some people like to save their weed and add tobacco and some may just like the flavor. We like to stick with organic herbs so we have our own Spliff. Angry herb's blend enhances and adds smoothness to your marijuana. Make your weed taste amazing and last longer. Angry herbs is fulfilling.

Panty Droppin Pink Panther

Pink Panther is a great hit with the ladies due to its pink gummy yummy aroma.

Nuclear 19

Boom! This might be what you have been looking for. The high quality herbs mixed with the high potency aroma makes that nuclear bust your mind has been looking for.

Chocolate cherry cola aroma

Hindu Magic

One of our most potent potpourri blend. Hindu magic aromatherapy is relaxing with a calm aromatic scent.

Cocoanut mars bar type aroma


High Potency Aroma
Made with organic herbs and oils.


High Potency Aroma

Made with organic herbs and oils.

Extremely quality along with high potency aroma.

Smokey smokeables Herbs

Smooth organic herbs with juicy flavors. Smokey smokeable's smell and taste awesome. Enjoy fresh flavorful herbs instead of tobacco. Some people use Smokey Smokeables to replace tobacco completely because it's so fresh and smooth.

4 flavors: 


Blueberry slurp

Strawberry shortcake

Sour apple

Triple XXX-Rated

The names explains itself, this potpourri has such a high potency that you should leave the windows partly open for air to circulate. Triple x rated is known for enhancing sex drive for both sex.

3 strong aromas:

Bootylicious Blueberry

Sexy Strawberry

PussyCat Pomegranate 

S Snax

Herbal incense is in the family of 'herbal Kush' incense blends. The herbs used for this blend are very green, fluffy and Hi-potency. S Snax won the testers choice awards. S Snax is already a popular product due to the comfort scent and attractive look.

7 scents to choose from: Blueberry

Dragon fruit



Sour Apple



Yum Yum